Monica Torres


Monica Torres is a co-founder of High-Strung. In the daytime, she’s a reporter on the workplace. At home, she thinks too much about feelings and how tech disguises human choices as defaults. Her writing has appeared in Quartz, Fusion, Slate, Real Life Magazine and The Hairpin.

E-mail: | Twitter: @monifierce

The Sex Worker Putting Herself Through Law School: “It’s a lot more than a transaction of sex or a lap dance. People are…paying to feel powerful, they’re paying to feel like their boss.”

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Revisiting the Sex Scenes of Our Pasts: Do these scenes stand the test of time? Are they actually sexy, or just sexy to a 12-year-old who doesn’t know any better?

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I, Obama: A Robotic Look at the Last Four Years: Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama was called “cool” and “aloof.” This experimental piece of fiction uses quotes from news articles and takes them at their word.