Laura Gardiner


Laura Gardiner is a co-founder of High-Strung and acts as creative director. She has a BFA in Visual Arts from a state school in Maryland that no one has heard of. She currently runs a Fine-Art printing studio in SoHo by day and meticulously crafts Spotify playlists in Brooklyn by night.


High Pitch: MommyFrom children to their mothers and mothers to their children, these odes spin allegories and anecdotes about life, love, and loss.

High Pitch: Power Trip: Power chords and power ballads are as common in contemporary music as power-struggles and power-plays are in our everyday lives. These modern chants have been tested and approved to make you feel bold, brazen, and maybe just a little badass.

High Pitch: F*cking: Songs about sex are rife with innuendo and imagination. These anthems muse about lust and longing, conquest and cuming. The tracks in this playlist feel good…really good, but sometimes they’re kind of uncomfortable too—not unlike the act itself. We don’t necessarily recommend listening while you get “it” on, but we wouldn’t be surprised if you feel inclined to pluck a tune or two for a special playlist of your own.

High Pitch: Lost & Found: There’s nothing quite like the written word, but even the most diligent readers get burnt out on tiny iPhone text and heavy tomes. The newest addition to your High-Strung experience is our handpicked playlist, curated to our newsletter theme. So slip those headphones on and get lost in the sound. This week’s playlist was curated by our creative director Laura.