We Asked, You Answered: Lost and Found

We asked for your stories of losing and finding. Some made us laugh, others made us wonder how it got so dusty in here *sniff sniff*

By the Editors


Tell us about something you found:

“The best/worst thing I ever found was a little nugget of marijuana on the street in my college town. Finding it was the best. That night my friends and I smoked it in my dorm room and then we all got worried it was laced with PCP. That was the worst.”

“I was in middle school. Got home to check the answering machine only to discover a recording of a conversation between my dad and his mistress. She sounded like a disgusting cliché, breathing heavily and telling my dad over and over that she loved him, it was SO gross. To my dad’s credit, he didn’t really engage her in the same manner. When my mom confronted him, he vehemently denied the affair and said the recording was a joke.”


“When I was 6 or so, I found a couple hundred dollars in a grocery store parking lot – I wanted to keep it, but it’s hard to explain how you’ve come to have that much money at 6. I was with a friend and her mom so the mom turned it in to the store and agreed that if no one claimed it we could keep it. After a few days or maybe weeks the money had not been claimed so the friends mom sent my mom a check for half the money – keeping the other half for her daughter/my friend. I am almost 30 and I still think that is such bullshit.”

$400 in cash at a Starbucks. My roommate and I found it, picked it up, looked around and waited if someone came over. We weren’t sure what to do and wrestled with the morality of it. If we turned it in, what’s to keep the cashier from keeping it? We decided to keep it.

“The best thing I ever found was the inner strength to walk away.”

“I found a new meaning to what it means to be alone.”

“I made deep lasting friendships through a job that will probably remain on the top of the list of most draining gigs of all time.”


“I found peace by learning how to stop dwelling on the past.”

“I was on the phone with my friend after she’d just found $20 on the ground, then walked up to find her $200 seat had been stolen off her bike.”

Tell us about something you lost:

“I just lost a lot of my jewelry. The necklace my sister made me with my family nickname, the necklace we all wore to my other sister’s wedding, a necklace from my dad, a watch from my partner that I loved. Each one had meaning and they’re all gone and I know it’s material but these are material stand ins for real memories. I will miss having them clasped to my body.”

“I lost my wallet in the Dublin airport and didn’t realize it was gone until we landed in JFK seven hours later. About five months later, it came in the mail. Someone mail it to me with the contents all inside.”

“My unborn baby.”

“The worst thing I’ve ever lost is my damn temper. I’ve realized I can be a crazy bitch!”


“Perhaps it wasn’t the worst loss, rather an intense way to learn a lesson..
A few years back, the 2nd floor of the house where I was living at the time caught on fire. Because the door of my room was closed, all my belongings—books, objects, mostly my groovy collection of clothes that I gathered from second hand shops during my travels, received from friends, all with some personal meaning and representing a part of who I was—did not burn, but got destroyed by the poisonous smoke that soaked into them. Even though everything looked fine, I couldn’t have them around or wear them, because they caused terrible headaches and nausea. Instead of having things burnt, I had to throw everything in the trash.That loss set a reminder in the back of my mind about enjoying the things you own, being aware that they can easily be gone, and that’s ok too. I lived through what all of us know on a level, we are so much more than what we choose to own.”

“My wife.”

“I have lost my wallet twice in my life. Both times at school, and in each case, someone returned it to me with all of its contents. I am forever grateful.”

“Three years of my life and many friends.”

“My dad.”

Scenes from the Women’s March in New York City

On Friday, January 20th, Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. On Saturday, January 21st, a record-breaking amount of people took to the streets on every continent to participate in peaceful protests in solidarity with women’s rights. We joined the hundreds of thousands of women marching through the avenues of our city and felt the hope and momentum to keep fighting, learning, and organizing. Even if you’ve already leafed through plenty of photo galleries over the last few days, what harm is there in taking a look at a few more bad bitches shutting it down? Here are our favorite sights from this historic day, shot by the High-Strung team.