The Best Travel Advice From…You!

Suggestions and tips for exploring the world, from our readers.

We know you’ve been around, so we gave you a chance to share your best – and most specific – travel advice for your favorite destinations. The less obvious, the better. See something you’d like to add? Email us at! The Internet is infinite, you see, just like our travel ambitions. 

  • If you’re traveling to Iceland don’t forget to bring your favorite hot sauce. They have none.


  • If you’re traveling to Paris, don’t forget to bring good walking shoes! The best way to experience this city is to walk. Everywhere. And go to every Boulangerie. You’ll need the best bread, cheese, and wine in the world to keep your energy up.


  • Be realistic about what you do and don’t need to bring. That floppy hat that you can’t fold but looks great in pictures? Yeah you may want to leave that at home.  But if you are planning to tour the town, your sneakers, while heavy and possibly stinky, will probably need to find a place in your bag.  


  • Remember bag weight limits for planes. The last thing you need is to be told you have to unpack and move things around or even throw things away. 


  • If you’re traveling to enjoy, don’t forget to!


  • If you’re traveling to a park, landmark, etc., and you’re on a non-flexible schedule where you can’t switch your days around, don’t forget to check if they’re closed on specific days! You may drive up to a closed gate 😦


  • Sometimes the best way to explore a city or countryside is on a bicycle. Ark around!


  • If you’re traveling to the backcountry, don’t forget whisky, chocolate, and cigarettes.


  • Take pictures but don’t go crazy. Enjoy the moment and remember that no one cares about that painting you saw at that museum so just get the hell off of Instagram already.


  • If you’re traveling through Mexico by bus, don’t forget the Vomisin.


  • If you’re traveling to a country that doesn’t have the same electric plugs as you, don’t forget to to bring a VERY portable and heavy duty external battery for your phone with multiple USB ports. YOU WILL THANK ME…and so will your travel crew!


  • Check in to let everyone know you are safe and well, but leave it at that. Work will go on without you, and checking your inbox while dealing with spotty phone service on a beautiful mountainside in Switzerland will only give you anxiety. 


  • If you’re traveling to the annual friend group reunion, don’t forget to take off your shirts.


  • If you’re traveling to chill with your partner’s family, don’t forget the earplugs.


  • Sample the regional cuisine. Don’t go to a Planet Hollywood in Tokyo, or anywhere really. If the town you are in is known for goats head soup, then by golly you order the goats head soup. 


  • If you’re traveling to Japan, don’t forget to bring snacks on the plane because that’s a long ride, my friend.


  • If you’re traveling at all, don’t forget to pack at least 3 books.